Integrate imaginations and digital experiences to create innovative and strategic wechat and mobile solutions.
Promote your business on WeChat and mobile sites to build lasting relationships with your customers.



Transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries through Wechat and mobile platforms seamlessly and effectively via customer loyalty programs, mobile reservation and marketing campaigns.

Create e-coupons to attract and motivate customers on repeat spending.

Boost WeChat followers
Increase presence of WeChat official accounts via direct push messages.

Engage customers
Execute branded mini-games to engage customers as well as increase brand recall.

Cost effective
Reduce marketing cost while making communications more effective.

Responsive campaing to engage target audiences
Create responsive mobile campaigns to interact and engage with your target audiences even if they are not active users of WeChat.

Why create mobile site
on WeFortuneCat?

Responsive layout for all devices
User friendly content management tool
One stop site creation, no code knowledge required
Adaptable to WeChat

About WeChat

Over 800 million users worldwide
New king of Chinese social media
Broadcast multimedia message to customers instantly
Tremendous marketing and sales opportunities


WeFortuneCat offers you a variety of solutions to motivate and engage with your followers.

Customer loyalty card

Printing customer loyalty card is no longer a neccessity. Your customer can register to your loyalty programme in just a few clicks, instantly enjoy all membership discounts and offers, while allowing your company to make use of this function to gather members worldwide.

  • Set up a campaign and rewards on our Customer Management System
  • Deliver the stamp to your customer upon spending (you can print out or present the stamp on a mobile device)
  • Customers scan the stamp QR code
  • When required number of stamps has been collected, customer will be awarded with e-coupon for redemption

Srcatch card

Don’t have a coin handy to play scratch card? Don’t worry as it can be done easily simply swiping the screen with your fingers! Scratch and reveal your prizes to gift to your customers in e-coupon format.

  • Set up scratch card game and prizes on our Customer Management System
  • Customer participate the scratch card game
  • Scratch and show your prize instantly


WeFortuneCat allows you to create your own mobile reservation system, so you are only one click away to check the appointment status anytime, anywhere! Reduce the manpower required to handle reservations.

  • Set up shop details, staff and reservation details on our Customer Management System
  • Customer make a reservation on mobile

Push message

Create your own push message to reach out to your WeChat fans, you can even customize your content layouts and insert graphics to create unique and attractive contents! Bonus for non-Chinese users, our Customer Management System is in English so you won't need to translate word by word on WeChat platform to understand how to create your own push message!

  • Set up message on our Customer Management System
  • Broadcast push message to all WeChat fans


Your customers can earn and redeem coupons on mobile site or WeChat directly, motivating customer to make continuous purchases and therefore increase sales.

  • Set up a campaign, keywords and offers
  • Customers obtain coupon from loyalty campaign or mini-games
  • Customers present the coupon in front of operator to redeem


Test the loyalty of your customers or educate your customers about your products by creating simple quizzes for them to win e-coupons!

  • Set up the quiz and prize on our Customer Management System
  • Customer participate in the quiz
  • After completing the quiz, customer can be awarded a prize or coupon

Micro-site builder

Create your own micro-site through WeFortuneCat, attract your customers to visit the company website. Our user friendly templates allow you to create a micro-site to enhance brand awareness with customized images and contents. You can create your own mobile site within an hour!

  • Make use of the template to create a micro-site by uploading your own contents and images on our Customer Management System
  • Customers visit the micro-site to receive the latest promotion and news
  • Merchant can deliver the latest promotion to customer in a breeze

Keywords response

Customize automatic responses to keywords, so your customers can get answers for FAQ easily! You can also directly respond to your customers on WeChat to answer all their inquiries.

  • Set up automatic response on our Customer Management System
  • Customer send message for enquiry (example: sale)
  • Automatic response at the real time

Mini games

Let your creative ideas become a reality! We have created an extensive range of mini game templates that allows you to engage with your fans. Simply follow the easy steps and start your own mini game! You can even gift them with coupons upon completion of tasks!

  • Set up a mini game and prizes on our Customer Management System
  • Customer participates in the game
  • After completing the game, customers can be awarded a prize or coupon
  • Show the winning page and redeem prize at merchant store

Food & beverage

Make your restaurant online! Allow customers to reserve and order a meal on mobile directly.

  • Set up restaurant information, menu, member login system and order management on our Customer Management System
  • Customer visit the restaurant’s page, choose a meal and order through the system
  • Restaurant receives and handles the order

Event registration

Don’t want to waste time manually adding your customers to the RSVP list for your upcoming event? Utilize our event registration template to build and customize your invitations, all the entries will be automatically updated to our system to save all the hassles.

  • Set up event details, date, time and location on our Customer Management System
  • Guest visit the event register page and fill in all fields step by step
  • After registration, guest will only need to present the confirmation page to the staff for a seamless registration on event day


Make use of the WeChat geolocation features, that allows your customers to locate your nearest shop anywhere they are.

  • Setup all your shop locations on our Customer Management System
  • Customers send their current location in WeChat
  • System will automatically find a nearest shop address for your customer
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